I love the Easy Air blend, it helps open up the airways.  Whether my asthma is rearing its head, or I’m feeling claustrophobic or to help the snorers in my home, I trust Easy Air to help me. I diffuse a few drops every night and have a roller bottle always on hand.

Easy Air (or Breathe as it's called in the USA) is a respiratory blend to assist in helping you breathe easier at times when you're struggling. It is a propietary blend of Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil), Lemon and Ravensara. It can be used aromatically in a diffuser or diluted with coconut oil and applied topically to the chest, back or the bottoms of your feet. It  can be used any time of the day and is commonly used for nighttime diffusion and may assist with a more restful and calming sleep.

Here are 15 ways the use Easy Air:

1. The ‘On Ramp’ to Sleep. For a more restful sleep during seasonal respiratory discomfort, diffuse Easy Air at bedtime or keep in a roll-on bottle by the bedside, in the car or your purse. Roll it on the chest, bottom of feet or upper lip as needed!
2. Feel Clear and Free. Put a drop of Easy Air and a drop of Wintergreen essential oil in a sink of hot water. Then, place a damp towel over your head and inhale deeply. It’s surprising how much this helps!
3. Working Out in a Building? Forced heating and cooling, sweaty bodies, dust and your lungs…bad combo. Apply before exercising to invigorate and enhance breathing during your workout.
4. It’s Like a Rain Maker. Hiking in nature right after an air cleansing rain is an absolute dream. The next time you can’t control the rain, try applying Easy Air Respiratory Blend. It’s the next best thing!
5. Leavin’ on a Jet Plane, Bus or Train? Confined spaces can sometimes have stagnant air, which can be claustrophobic. While in these spaces, free yourself mentally and emotionally by applying Easy Air.
6. Stuck in a Desk, Small Office or Cube? It’s easy and convenient to just place a drop of Easy Air in your palm, rub the palms together and take a deep breath from your cupped hands. Supporting healthy airways will improve your concentration. It may help everyone around you relax too!
7. A Room mate Fix. When you combine a ‘first-time on their own’ roommate with unknown cooking preferences, sweaty workout clothes, or interesting hygiene habits, Easy Air is the great equaliser and your best friend.
8. It’s a Zoo in Here! Staying at someone else’s home, with someone else’s pets (with their aroma, dander or musty smell) doesn’t need to be a problem. Try rubbing Easy Air on your chest and under your nose before entering a pet filled house. Great for musty campers as well.
9. Boost Brain Power. Easy Air Respiratory Blend contains Eucalyptus essential oil which is known to help stimulate mental activity and wake up your mind. The powerfully beneficial oils of Peppermint, Lemon, and Tea Tree are all included in Easy Air and are perfect if you are feeling under the weather.
10. One Of Mum’s Bag Of Tricks. Place a couple drops on the pillow of any child who needs Easy Air but refuses to apply the oil. The oil helps to distract them from whatever reason she can’t sleep, and helps maintain breathing. Oh, and the added benefit is that mum and dad get to rest as well!
11. Another Tool In Your Habit Breaking Arsenal. Overcoming nagging habits is tricky to say the least. Occasionally lingering side effects affect breathing. Easy Air Respiratory Blend will help you kick bad habits by promoting easier breathing while maintaining lung and throat health.
12. A Dynamic Duo. Put a drop of Easy Air on the filter of the CPAP machine for even more support during the night. Even without a CPAP machine it’s good to keep a roller bottle of Easy Air nearby to swipe on the chest and under the nose of whoever is keeping you awake by snoring gone ballistic.
13. Help For Your Airways When You Have Cold Feet in the Winter. A popular way to warm your tootsies in the winter is to warm a cloth bag (filled with wheat) in the microwave and place it at the foot of your bed at night. Add a few drops of Easy Air in the bag to make it an aromatically soothing experience as well, opening stuffy airways.
14. No Gadgetry Required. Diffusing is great, but when you don’t have a diffuser handy, simply add a drop of both Easy Air and Frankincense into the palm off your hand. Then, make a fist with a small opening over the oils and breathe in through your fist. This simple technique does wonders!
15. An Invigorated Senior Citizen’s Home. Let’s face it, as we citizens become senior, our energy and passion to make things fresh and invigorating may wane. A senior care center or rest home does not have to smell like one. By simply diffusing Easy Air, you can change the whole feeling of the place—and make it a more pleasant experience for residents as well as visitors.


Easy Air is like the natural version of vicks. Easy Air is a proprietary blend including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Ravensara, and Cardamom that can easily be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet.

doTERRA oils are sourced where they grow best and their testing methods are incredible and they wont compromise quality – if an oil doesn’t meet their standards they will not sell it – you can track all of this at their website website is full of loads of information about doTERRA’s commitment to providing us with the most pure, potent and effective oils on the earth).  

Easy Air is super easy to use and a little bit goes a long way. When using topically on both adults and children you will dilute the oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil (or another carrier oil). One drop is often all you need to use. Rub this in to your child’s chest at night to help ease congestion.

You can also make your own Easy Air Chesty Rub – here is my super simple recipe:

Easy Air chest rub
½ cup coconut oil
2 tablespoons beeswax
20 drops easy air

Melt the beeswax and coconut oil in a glass jug sitting in water on the stove until just melted. Add in the drops of Easy Air (add less if you have babies in the house). Stir and pour into a glass jar with lid and leave to set. Apply a small amount to the chest as needed.

EASY AIR is available in a 15ml bottle for $36.00 retail or $27.00 wholesale. This one can be used in the diffuser or diluted into a roller bottle, or used to make the chest rub. There is also some ready to use options. Easy Air Touch costs $30.00 retail or $22.50 wholesale and is ready to roll on chest, feet of under the nose. Or the Easy Air Vapour Stick is also available as a convenient option, it glides onto the skin easily and costs $20.00 retail or just $15.00 wholesale. There are also Easy Air Clear Drops which cost $28.60 retail or $21.50 wholesale. These are for Adults and children 5 years and over: Dissolve 1 drop slowly in the mouth. Repeat every 2 hours as needed.
You can buy all the easy air products from us. Visit Kezzeens Kreations or if you would like to create a doTerra wholesale account then visit MyDoterra (make sure you have me as referrer Kerri Price number 4962533 so that I can send you a personal new customer gift).
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