Roller Bottle Recipes for Adults

Essential Oil Rollerbottle Blends & Recipes For Adults

Here are a couple of things you need to know and purchase before you start making your roller bottles.

Place the number of drops, per recipe, in a 10 mL rollerball and then fill to the top with your carrier oil of choice. Roll the blends over your neck, feet and wrists (and if applicable, the place that hurts). If there are special instructions, you’ll see them at the end of the recipe. Remember, to be most effective, apply less oil and apply it more often.

stress away blend for mummy:
18 drops balance
18 drops Lavender Peace
18 drops lavender
18 drops grapefruit or citrus bliss
4 drops wild orange

peace & calming blend for mummy:
6 drops sandalwood
6 drops ylang ylang
6 drops cypress
6 drops bergamot
6 drops black pepper

“grounding” blend for adults:
2 drops patchouli
2 drops vetiver
2 drops lime
20 drops balance
20 drops lavender

upset tummy blend for adults:
10 drops peppermint
10 drops ginger (or you can use a pre-made blend like digestzen)

sleep blend for adults:
4 drops marjoram
10 drops frankincense
10 drops bergamot
12 drops roman chamomile
12 drops vetiver
15 drops lavender
10 drops cedarwood

“liquid morphine” for adults:
30 drops marjoram
30 drops lemongrass
30 drops frankincense

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