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I'm looking for some new business partners.. is this you?

I'm ready to start expanding my business and help even more people live lives they absolutely freaking LOVE + get to make a real difference.

I have been doing some manifesting and journaling about exactly the kind of person I want to work with.
This person will be passionate about wellness and see and understand the value of these incredible gifts of the earth, the company and the opportunity as they get to know them. They believe in me and are excited to work with me.
They are confident, caring, loving, a complete joy to be around and make incredible lifelong friends and business partners. They completely embody the culture of uplifting and supporting everyone in their communities and the wider doTERRA community, whether they financially benefit or not.

They have an incredible work ethic and attitude and understand that building a solid foundation for a business takes time, persistence and consistency. They love helping others, are deeply passionate about the business they are creating, boss at helping people get started with the oils, incredible teachers but also extremely coachable and open to learning, growing, transforming and stepping into their brilliance and light even more.

They do daily personal development; are manifesting and work with their oils to uncover their light and help others uncover their light even more. They are creative, generous with their time and resources and collaborate and train people appropriately. Thank you Universe for allowing this to unfold with ease and grace. I can’t wait to meet them and work with them!! I am so grateful for all of the beautiful, amazing, inspiring, courageous incredible souls I already get to co-create with. Thank you for these gifts.

Are you ready to open yourself up to a life of total joy and abundance and being able to make a MASSIVE difference in the areas you are passionate about?

How do you start? The first thing, is to open a Wellness Advocate account with doTERRA

Remember you CANNOT already have a doTERRA account on another team if you want to work with me and please only reach out if you aren't already working with someone else.

You get 25% off the Recommended Retail Price – on all products, all the time!
  • There is a one off enrollment fee of $35 for the 1st year, which dōTERRA absorb when you purchase one of their great value kits (see below). And renewing after the 1st year costs $25, which dōTERRA also absorbs by giving you a free 15ml bottle of peppermint oil! This company has extremely high standards, as well as being incredibly generous.
  • There is no requirement for a minimum order ($ value or how often you order)
  • Your membership with dōTERRA automatically gives you your own personal website to help you share these oils (if you wish). The website is set up and maintained by dōTERRA. No work for you! You earn 25% profit on the purchases made by retail customers who purchase from your site.
  • dōTERRA creates your own personal virtual internet office site to place your orders. Ordering is easy and there is always someone to call (a real voice) to ask for help if you need it.
Join my DoTERRA Essential Oils Team Why pay more for your oils when you can save a massive 25% off Recommended Retail Price by registering for a wholesale account. This is the smartest way to buy dōTERRA essential oils and is as easy as a few quick steps:

1) Go to;
2) Click on 'Join and Save' at the top of the page.
3) Select your preferred language and 'Australia' as your shipping destination (or whichever country you reside in).
4) Select 'Wellness Advocate' (or 'Wholesale Customer').
5) Complete the 'About You'. Your 'Sponsor ID' (Kerri Price) should already be auto-filled but if not, the correct ID number is 4962533
6) Choose your Enrollment Kit. Alternatively, you can select the $35 enrollment fee and individually choose which oils you would like to order, however the kits are by far the best value as they are further discounted below wholesale prices and membership is FREE.
7) Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order.
Now we are ready to get started. Welcome to my team, I am so happy you made this awesome decision to join me on this incredible journey.
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