Kezzeens Kreations

We love to make our own products. All our products are made in very small batches. They are made from the best, natural, usually organic bases. They don't usually have preservatives, but will usually last a very long time. If you would like to buy our hand made products, remember we are not a large corporation, we are creating these in our own kitchens and we take every care to ensure they are awesome. But we take no responsibility for any allergies or reactions that may occur. We will tell you what every ingredient is in our products and if you have any concerns, please do your own research prior to purchasing. Also, we are not trained professionally but our knowledge comes from many years of researching, creating and using our hand made products. Our suggestions for the uses and benefits are just that... suggestions.... please, again, if you have any concerns, do your own research prior to purchasing. Thank you.